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Ōhau We Love Families

Family holidays are memories that stay with you for life, make it easy on yourself ...

A holiday is only a holiday when everyone is relaxed.  At Lake Ōhau Lodge it’s easy.  We offer a dinner, bed and breakfast package in 4 standards of accommodation to suit all budgets.  You have the option of the kids being fed early and afterwards while the parents are dining they can go and watch a DVD, play ping pong or have a spa while hanging out with their new buddies met at the kid’s dinner.

We’re a bit stuck in the “60’s” but in the best possible way offering a safe environment for children, old fashioned fun, slow cooked delicious and healthy food and warm and friendly high country hospitality.  Lake Ōhau Lodge and Ōhau Snow Fields is unique and it’s kiwi.

Winter Time For Families

Top Tips For Parents

During the winter, especially in the school holidays and weekends we have lots of families to stay with us.  The atmosphere is very friendly and people are very sociable and easy.

On the mountain, only 15 minutes drive away, the Award winning fabulous snow school instructors will take your children for fun filled lessons.  What else is needed?  There is a café on the mountain serving reasonably priced tasty food and espresso.  All you have to do is make sure you have fun with your family.

Evening Plan

Early dining for kids

The 6pm early dining time for children means that the children are taken care of and you can relax over a drink in the bar next door - if everyone is happy with that and if not, you’re not far away!  We try to integrate children at dinner time so that they make friends. If the children are older they are usually happy to be with their mates, play ping pong or watch a DVD.  If they are younger it might be time for them to have a bath and go to bed.  The family rooms are close to the restaurant so that you can check on your young children easily or they can find you if need be!

Kid’s food

The children’s menu is a 2 course, no choice offering.  If there are things your kids will not eat, we need to know ahead of time.  We serve healthy meals, nothing deep fried and all mains offered with salad or vegetables. Things that we know kids like to eat such as spaghetti bolognaise, hamburgers, lasagna, pizza, chicken schnitzel, roast beef, fish and chips. For dessert it might be banana splits, pancakes, apple crumble and ice cream, ice cream and jelly or a fruit smoothie.

If you would prefer your children to dine with you at the later adults dining time the meal will be a smaller portion of that menu. Sometimes we can save them the same kid's meals but this should be arranged with reception earlier in the day.

Check in early

It is good for you to check in between 4 and 5pm so that the children have time to check out the "lie of the land" before being sat with a whole heap of other kids.  We have big long tables and can have up to 20 or 30 kids all eating together at times and it's lots of fun if kids know what to expect.

Kid’s entertainment

At the Lodge we have a games room with ping pong and bean bags for hanging out.  There is a "secret cupboard" full of old school lego, blocks, books, crayons and puzzles.  We have a good kids DVD collection and get a show of hands for the DVD to be played after dinner. There is also a spa pool so bring your togs!

The plan for adults!

There are planned seating times for adults to dine starting at 7pm.  Our tables seat 6-8 people so you will be asked what time you would like to dine and will be seated with others.  If you are putting kids to bed check with reception as to when would suit all concerned.  We like to match guests with those whose company we think you would enjoy but if you come with friends you will all be put together on one table.

As mentioned our food is delicious, we have a comprehensive wine list and you will have good company - time for relaxing!

Morning Plan 

Breakfast is served from 8-9.30 and it’s a family time all sitting together.  There is a buffet of fruits and cereals to help yourself to then everyone is offered a hot cooked breakfast.

House Guest Special Packages!! 

In the morning, if you are planning on using the chair lift for the full day, pick up your discounted lift pass for you and the family from reception and it will be charged to your Lodge room account.

Ōhau Snow School Mountain Goats programme

We also have a Snow School with wonderful instructors who love children!!! The Mountain Goats Programme is very popular if you are staying for at least a couple of nights and would like to have your children receive fun instruction for information click here

On the mountain

There is a beautiful Mountain Day Lodge built of Oregon board and batten with a wide deck overlooking the Snow Field and also with views over the lake.  The café serves reasonably priced food from pies, home made sandwiches, soups and hot dogs to delicious treats and espresso coffee.  There are picnic tables outside for the sunny days or you can sit around handmade wooden tables and benches inside where there’s also a big log burner when you need to warm up.

In the rental shop there is a good range of modern skis, snowboards, boots, poles, clothing and helmets for all ages and sizes BUT if you are that person with a size 14 boot requirement, please check to see we can accommodate you.

The terrain

The mountain is a safe place for kids.  The chair lift accesses an easy trail which starts off very wide and flat at the top.  We are not crowded, the staff are friendly and look out for everyone and because it is a bowl, no one can get lost.

The staff

Ōhau staff are always recognised for offering the best service amongst the ski fields in New Zealand.  That is because we have the best and friendliest staff!